Little can compare to the undying love a cannabis smoker has for their favorite bong. Some stay loyal to the very first piece they purchase, enjoying the rush of memories bubbling up with every hit. Others give their heart to their top-shelf piece, won over by its impressive impact, unusually smooth hits, or intricate design. Regardless, we’ll all do whatever we can to extend the years we share with our favorite pieces and to keep them safe from harm. Water pipes and other heady glass smoking devices can unfortunately be damaged quite easily, or even shattered beyond repair, from a single fall to the floor. How can we keep our favorite bongs – and our stoner hearts – from breaking? The following four practices can go a long way toward keeping water pipes safe from harm.


Consistent Cleaning

Believe it or not, cleaning your water pipes frequently is important for more reasons than basic hygiene and overall ease of use. Remember the last time you put off the cleaning process until a water pipe was filthy? Needless to say, it takes a lot more elbow grease to scrub away months of caked-on residue than buildup from a week or two of use. You’re much more likely to break a piece during an intensive deep cleaning; vigorously scrubbing in a metal sink for a half-hour or more beneath a bulky faucet where the slightest wrong move could crack your glass. It’s much easier to maintain delicate handling for quick and simple cleanings – one more great reason to keep those pieces from getting gross. Besides, there may be no better way to show your water pipes the respect they’ve earned than by letting them shine the way they’re meant to day in and day out.

Dump the Dirty Bongwater Every Time

Everyone knows that you should always add the right level of water to your water pipe before you use it. It’s also important to empty the dirty water from your piece after every use. While this is a good idea for the sake of cleanliness alone, it can also help to prevent your piece from breaking. If a bong filled with water is left sitting in a room with fluctuating temperatures, the water’s mass could expand, causing excess pressure on your glass that could lead to cracks – or even shatter your piece altogether.

Carry It Carefully

While some bong users never take them beyond their own front door, others love to bring their pieces along to smoking sessions at friends’ places or in the great outdoors. While there’s no shame in staying loyal to your best bongs, it’s essential to proceed with caution, as water pipes can easily be damaged or destroyed in transit. We’d highly recommend investing in a quality carrying case, designed to keep your piece cradled and protect it from potentially breaking with the slightest bump. If you’re planning to stash your water pipe in your go-to bag from time to time, wrapping it well in a towel, thick clothing or even bubble wrap can keep it safely stored with your other stuff.

Break It Down to Prevent It Breaking

If you have the best heady glass piece on the block (like many of our smoke shop customers), it’s only natural to want to show off. Keeping water pipes on the coffee table lets you casually showcase your best bong for everyone passing by to see. However, keeping your water pipe front-and-center between uses with the bowl and downstem still in place can needlessly risk its safety. High-traffic areas of your home, while perfect for maximizing the eyes on your prize, also increase the odds of a clumsy visitor knocking your piece to an early demise. Don’t let this happen to you. Removing the downstem and bowl from your water pipe, and keeping that piece somewhere safe between uses, can keep your bong from being broken accidentally.

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