Heady Buying guide

Pricing Heady Glass

Heady glass prices range significantly. While Goodiesheady carries heady glass pieces for every price range, many intricate and highly-demanded pieces on the market today cost thousands of dollars. Many shoppers are shocked by the price of high-end heady pieces. However, this valuation is standard for several reasons. Glassblowers contribute countless hours of training and intensive labor to every piece of heady glass – not to mention the cost of materials and investment in equipment.

Supply and demand largely dictates the prices of virtually every product out there. Collectors, critics and gallery owners may invest thousands on a variety of breathtaking or unusual pieces – and intricately crafted glass is no exception. Thanks to social media, exceptionally talented glassblowers can promote their work more easily, and market specifically to interested shoppers and art-lovers alike. Top artists can slowly gain an online following, often increasing their prices as their notoriety grows.

Tips for Buying

A quality heady glass piece will work well and last for years. However, most of us aren’t made of money (our team included) so sinking our hard-earned cash into a heady piece shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before choosing the perfect heady glass piece, consider these factors:

  • Know Your Artist – Thousands of glassblowers have heady glass available for sale. Before making a big purchase, it’s worth looking into the artist who made your piece. Finding a reputable craftsman with pieces that fit your style will always pay off. Our team did the heavy lifting for you by collecting pieces exclusively from trusted and exceptionally talented local glassblowers to sell in our online head shop and three Denver-area locations.
  • Try Before You Buy – In you’re shopping at our local shops, feel free to ask our team members for a preview of your heady rig, hookah or pipe in action. Artists tend to go above and beyond with cool features that can’t be appreciated ’til your glass is in use. Feature demonstrations of our latest heady pieces are often available on our Instagram.
  • Handle Heady Glass with Care – Some artists and head shops include protective casing for heady glass pieces, to ensure that they don’t break before you make it home. Fragile products sold through our online smoke shop are wrapped well and handled delicately so they make it safely to your doorstep.

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